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The Journal of Interdisciplinary History

Anne E. McCants, Editor
Robert I. RotbergTheodore K. Rabb (1937-2019), Founding Editors
Reed Ueda, Co-Editor Emeritus

The Journal of Interdisciplinary History features substantive articles, research notes, review essays, and book reviews that combine the study of history, spanning all geographical areas and periods, with other scholarly disciplines. The JIH features articles that incorporate or engage:

  • Archaeology/Material Culture
  • Art
  • Big Data
  • Biography/Psycho-biography
  • Biology
  • Climate/Environment
  • Economics
  • Geoscience/GPS
  • Opera/Theater
  • Population/Demography
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Technology
  • Urban Studies

The journal encourages contributions that demonstrate how methodological connections with other disciplines, and the methodologies of other disciplines, can throw light on the past.

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